Book Launch

The Ragged Blade hits bookstores!


Twelve years since I wrote the first words of The Ant Tower. Eleven years since I realised the story wasn't over, and expanded it into a novel called Century of Sand. Ten years since I figured out one book wouldn't be enough, and let it grow into a trilogy - my very first fantasy series.

Seven years since I quit querying the Century of Sand trilogy and decided to self-publish.

Two years since I got off a Skype call with Colin Coyle and decided that self publishing wasn't what the series needed. Parvus Press was the right place for my story, I'd realised. They'd handle it with care.

Then came two years of rewrites, rewrites, rewrites. Cutting three novels down to the bone. Recrafting them into something new, something brilliant. Carving off all the rough edges and letting the story underneath shine.

And now it's here.

The Ragged Blade is the culmination of so much work by so many people, beginning with countless beta readers across the years. Fellow creators like S.A. Hunt, Will Weisser and Rory O'Keefe supported me not just with feedback but also financially when things got tough. My family, my folks, my wife - they all made this book happen. And then came my editors, Kaelyn Considine and John Adamus, without whom this book wouldn't be this book.

And, of course, all of you. My friends.

Thank you for sticking with me all this time. For being so patient. For having my back.

One book down. Two to go.