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The Ragged Blade hits stores on June 4th!


The Ragged Blade

In stores from June 4th 2019

June 4th, team.

I’m still trying to get my head around that date. June 4th. Three weeks from now.

It’s been a long road we’ve taken, me and this little book. Twelve years since the first words hit the page. Five years of rewrites on what was then called Century of Sand. Two years of queries. Then Parvus Press gave me a chance and we dove back into rewrites for another 18 months, so extensive that the beautiful beast about to hit stores all across the US is something entirely new, all sleek and honed and ready for action.

I’m so proud of what me and my editor Kaelyn have created. It’s a bloody good book, and I can’t wait for you all to see it.

Three weeks. That’s all.

Now, here comes the sales pitch.

If you want to grab a copy of The Ragged Blade – and I sincerely hope you do – then the best thing you can do is preorder. Why?

  1. You get the book as soon as possible

  2. You do all sorts of magical algorithmic things that makes The Ragged Blade really visible on Amazon on launch day

  3. You prove to my publishers that there’s a market for books 2 and 3

So grab your copy of The Ragged Blade today! You can do that direct from the publisher, or through:

Amazon Kindle
Amazon Paperback
B&N Nook and Paperback

or use Bookto to grab The Ragged Blade from a local Aussie bookshop!

Thanks, team. You’re all stars.

Book Launch

I've signed with Parvus Press!

There’s good news, bad news, and more good news squeezed into this update. Indulge me, friends.

Century of Sand has been picked up by Parvus Press

I recently signed a deal with Parvus Press, a relatively new but highly professional US-based publishing house, to revamp and republish the Century of Sand trilogy. I’ll be working with them closely over the next 12-18 months to restructure, edit and polish Century of Sand 1, 2 and 3 into a fresh fantasy epic. Each novel will hit ebook stores in six month increments starting (hopefully) late 2018.

This is awesome news. The Parvus team have been fans of Century of Sand for a while but it was coincidence that brought us back into contact at just the right time to make this deal. Together, we’re going to make the story of Richard, Ana and the Kabbah shine.

As part of this deal, Century of Sand 1 & 2 have been removed from all online retailers. The original editions are gone and won’t return in their new forms for at least a year.

This has also delayed the release of Century of Sand 3 from mid-late 2018 to mid-late 2019. This is so the team at Parvus have time to tear the manuscript apart and put it back together, as well as to give them the space they need to release and promote Century of Sand 1 & 2.

I’m so sorry to all those who’re waiting for Century of Sand 3: The Broken Daughter. I never wanted the time between releases to stretch into George RR Martin levels. What I can say is this: when Century of Sand 3 hits stores, it’s going to be the best possible book it can be, a cracking end to a long and fraught tale of family, forbidden magic and knife-edge survival.

By the time Century of Sand 1 lands in stores, it’ll be very different to the book you’ve already read. We’re not just talking spell checks and maintenance. We’re building characters, settings, and plotlines from scratch. The bones will be the same. The flesh will be almost unrecognisable. And as a thank you to you for supporting me through the years, Parvus will send a free e-book of the revamped Century of Sand 1 to everyone currently (as of 7 Nov 2017) on my mailing list, once it’s complete.

You’ve read the theatrical release. Now you, my long-time fans, get the Director’s Cut delivered to your door.

I’ll wrap up by extending a huge thank you to Colin, Kaelyn and John at Parvus Press for taking me on as their latest author. I’m incredibly excited to start work.

Together, we’re going to make this story amazing. I can’t wait to show you the results.

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