Welcome to Rustwood: a town choked with blood-curses, ancient beasts, monsters in human-suits and cosmic horrors all waiting just out of sight…

RUST is a small-town horror series in the style of Cronenberg, Lynch and King.


Rust One

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Cover art for Rust One

She died in New York. She woke in Rustwood.

After being pushed in front of the subway C-Line, Kimberly Archer finds herself in an impossible town with a husband she's never seen before and a life she can't remember. The rain never stops, the phones don't work and the doctors think she's delusional.

Kimberly only wants to get back to her fiance in New York. But for that, she needs the help of Fitch, a madman who believes something dark lives at the heart of Rustwood. He'll help her, so long as she joins him on his mission to burn the town to the ground.

Kimberly might be crazy. Then again, she might be the only sane person left. People are disappearing from the streets, and something black and foul is stalking her in the night. Rustwood has plans for Kimberly, and if she doesn't find a way out soon she'll be lucky to survive...

Rust Two

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Cover art for Rust 2

Kimberly Archer died in New York and woke in Rustwood. She escaped the man pretending to be her husband and fought her way out of Bo Tuscon's basement of horrors. Now, with Fitch by her side, she wants answers.

But Rustwood won't give up its secrets so easily.

Powerful forces dwell in the sleepy mountain town, and their servants have sharp fingers and bloody smiles. There are worse things than death in Rustwood...

Rust Three

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Cover art for Rust 3

Kimberly Archer is going to war.

After narrowly escaping the inferno at the Pentacost Convent, Kimberly finds refuge with Mister Gull, a stranger who claims to possess the power of the Queens of Rustwood. Together they construct a daring plan to draw a Queen out of its nest, cage it... and kill it.

But nothing is ever so easy in the sleepy mountain town. Fitch and Detective Goodwell are being pursued by the New Queen's servants, and an emissary in a black rainslicker has been sent to destroy all who oppose her rule. Madness, murder and bad dreams have settled across Rustwood, and if Kimberly Archer doesn't move fast, she and all her companions will soon discover that death is the easy way out...

Rust Four

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Cover art for Rust 4

“That’s what you think we are? Soldiers?”
“Mrs Archer, it’s been a war since day one."

Kimberly Archer fought her way to the border of Rustwood looking for an escape. Instead, she uncovered the town's greatest secret - and with it, brought the attention of the old and new queens down on her head.

Now she's on the run, fighting enemies on all sides while struggling to control the creature living inside her chest. Her powers are growing but she won't have time to flex them if the pretender queen's army of repurposed dead catches up with her. And with Fitch, Chan and Goodwell scattered across Rustwood in the aftermath of Kimberly's border crossing, will she be able to get the crew back together before the pretender crushes them all?